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Associations have been all over the place with brand storytelling. It was everything... until it got replaced with data. To… READ MORE>

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We Are In Crisis Mode, and It's Unclear When We Will Be Out of It.

On the other side of crisis: does your association have a plan?

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6 Ways to Help your Association Thrive

Part 6: Grit


6 Ways to Help your Association Thrive

Part 5: Events and Programs


6 Ways to Help your Association Thrive

Part 4: Prospecting


6 Ways to Help your Association Thrive

Part 3: Marketing Assets

This is the third post in our series 6 Ways to Help Your Association Thrive. If you missed our earlier… READ MORE>

6 Ways to Help your Association Thrive

Part 2: The Plan


6 Ways to Help your Association Thrive

Part 1: The Cause


My car died last month. I went online to see what my local dealer had available. I filled out a… READ MORE>

When my daughter was in fifth grade, she made a model solar system for the science fair. So did 15… READ MORE>

When my daughter was 10 years old, she came home from school one day with a sad, skinny puppy in… READ MORE>

4 Steps to Inbound Lead Generation

Why Inbound Marketing is the Best Way to Generate Leads

My dishwasher died recently, and I had no idea where to begin shopping for a new one. I found a… READ MORE>

4 Steps to Heal your Brand Breaks to Drive Membership and Non-Dues Revenues

Why you need a consistent brand story


Engage your Audience with Holistic Digital Marketing

6 Ways to Reach Your Marketing Goals in Uncertain Times


Learn How This Connection Influences you Marketing Strategy

How Brand and Culture are Connected


Houston, we have a conversion problem. In the current climate of data breaches and over communication, people are more protective… READ MORE>

If you’ve ever procrastinated on giving the-birds-and-the-bees talk to your kid or having an uncomfortable conversation with a friend, you… READ MORE>

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Why You Should Market Holistically for Long-Term Sustainability

What is Holistic Marketing?

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” — Aristotle Imagine how effective your marketing would be if… READ MORE>

So you Can Make Smart Decisions to Reach your Goals

12 Marketing KPIs Every Association Should Measure


How to Track Ket Metrics to Make Better Strategic Decisions

Key Performance Indicators for Event Marketers


So your event had great attendance and you saw a surge in membership. Feedback was positive and you feel triumphant.… READ MORE>

How to Move People from Prospects to Attendees, Members, and Ambassadors

Member journeys in the digital marketing world


Strategic Event Marketing is About Inspiring and Connecting Potential Attendees

4 Pillars of Event Marketing to Fuel Attendance and Engagement


If you struggle with event attendance and membership acquisition, chances are the problem isn’t your organization, your member benefits, or… READ MORE>

Lots of associations focus on the numbers. How many members do we have? How many people attended our event? While… READ MORE>

Drive Attendance and Engagement Using a Time-Testing Technique

Why event marketers need more storytelling

Storytelling is a proven technique for sharing information, bringing people together, inspiring action, and exploring possibilities. Recently, neuroscientists have shed… READ MORE>

Insights to Help you Bridge the Gap Between What you Want and What you Have

How Organizations Drive Membership and Attendance


You Know your Event has Value, But Can you Prove It?

How to fuel attendance and engagement with an ROI Toolkit


Prove the ROI of Attending your Event to Drive Attendance and Engagement over the Long Term

Why Your Event Needs a Value Proposition


7 Strategies for Improved Engagement and 7 Bonus Tips

How to Use Engagement Marketing in Your Emails to Drive Event Attendance

Email marketing represents a big opportunity to drive event attendance and encourage engagement. As a platform for communication, it remains… READ MORE>

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How to Connect the Dots Between Messaging, Members, and the Buying Cycle.

Get the Marketing Superpowers to Engage Your Members


How to Measure Engagement to Improve your Events and your organization

Are your members engaged?


Why you Need to Measure your Level of Inspiration

Inspiration Assessment Drives Member Engagement and Attendance

The perfect scenario for your organization: Your event attendance and membership are at all-time highs. Attendees are engaged and eager… READ MORE>

How to Gain and Retain Millennials for Your Organization

What Inspires Millennials?


Forge Connections to Further Your Mission and Sustain Your Organization

How to Create High-Quality Connections


How to Build Loyalty, Drive Event Attendance, and Further Your Mission

Motivation vs. Inspiration



Triggers, Targets, and Inspired Journeys in Event Marketing

So far, we’ve debunked the myth that inspiration is unknowable. We’ve shed light on the powerful Inspiration-Connection Duality™. And we’ve… READ MORE>

Step one in conference marketing is to create an inspired state for your members. Inspiration is not as mysterious as… READ MORE>

Writer Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Rottman Creative… READ MORE>

How to Drive your Organization’s Life-Changing Work by Harnessing the power of Connections Did you know you have traditional intelligence,… READ MORE>

Twitter offers incredible potential for event marketers to promote events and inspire members with meaningful content. And you don’t have… READ MORE>

Dick’s Sporting Goods Takes Storytelling and Storymaking to a New Level with a Recent Series of Commercials Featuring the Tagline,… READ MORE>

In an effort to make its pages more engaging to users, Facebook might not be showing your business page postings… READ MORE>

Inspiration and connection move in a noiseless, effortless, infinite loop. People want to be inspired to connect. They connect to… READ MORE>

These days, data is big business. You have unprecedented access to information about your audience’s location, age, income, education, and… READ MORE>

McDonald’s turned some heads recently with the release of its “Signs” commercial. In just one minute, this emotional piece of… READ MORE>

Wooden toys are great. They’re fun, engaging, and durable. They’re so simple they hardly ever break. Very little goes wrong… READ MORE>

What’s the difference between storytelling and corporate communications? Some of the earliest human stories were told around a campfire. We… READ MORE>

While our stories have mostly remained the same throughout history, the tools we use to tell them have changed dramatically.… READ MORE>

When was the last time you were moved to tears? Well, if you’ve watched any television lately it probably wasn’t… READ MORE>

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In Jab, Jab, Jab, Vaynerchuk says that if Facebook is the dining room where we entertain, then LinkedIn is the… READ MORE>

Twitter seems to be the preferred platform for many associations. We suspect it’s because Twitter is safe. It’s fairly easy… READ MORE>

Let’s start with an idea that you know is true, but may stress you out to think about nonetheless. It’s… READ MORE>

Being vulnerable means you take risks, expose your authentic self, and open yourself up to the possibility of attack, rejection,… READ MORE>

We Want To See You Be Brave:



We Want To See You Be Brave:



We Want To See You Be Brave:



We Want To See You Be Brave:


“But We Have to Look Professional” For most associations, the crux of the fear is this: we are a professional… READ MORE>

The Anatomy of Inspiration:



The Anatomy of Inspiration:



The Anatomy of Inspiration:


MARKETING: THE BRAIN Marketing is the BRAIN of inspiration. It gets its blood supply from the brand (the HEART), but… READ MORE>

The Anatomy of Inspiration:



Archetype Based Branding:

The Patriarch


Archetype Based Branding:

The Advocate

THE ADVOCATE: Stories about Effecting Change For the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), it was the classic… READ MORE>

Third Harness the power of video. But edited video. Five-minute videos about why your association is great are just self-indulgent.… READ MORE>

Plan B: Case Studies Mailers The alternate approach (and one we love) is to craft three direct mail pieces around… READ MORE>

4. Be deliberate in your timing. People read more emails in the morning than the afternoon, and the earlier, the… READ MORE>

6. Include calls to action. In each email you send, you want to have a specific call to action. Tell… READ MORE>

2. Segment your storytelling. The same stories don’t appeal to everyone, because not everyone cares about the same thing. For… READ MORE>

We perceive that conference marketing is one arm of an organization’s holistic messaging for fulfilling their mission. We embrace conference… READ MORE>

6 steps to Inspiring your base to act.

Step 6 of 6: Work with the timing

Knowing when and how to make your offers is an art to itself. Registration occurs along a bell curve, peaking… READ MORE>

6 steps to Inspiring your base to act.

Step 5 of 6: Leverage your offers


6 steps to Inspiring your base to act.

Step 4 of 6: Develop your voice


6 steps to Inspiring your base to act.

Step 3 of 6: Identify your archetypes

Archetypes are personality types or stories that show up over and over again, across all cultures. Think about the stories… READ MORE>

How many emails do you get every day? Most professionals get more than 200 emails a day. Sure, it raises… READ MORE>

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You need to be doing direct mail. We tried very hard to find a stealthier way into this statement. But… READ MORE>

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The mandate to inspire isn’t going away. How will you conquer it? We have an answer. To drive event registrations… READ MORE>

East to West, Big and Small – we’ve been watching what’s going on and it’s time to report the facts.… READ MORE>

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Little, three word statements can get you in trouble. Take “I love you”, for instance. Said too soon, too often,… READ MORE>

The Internet has made it very difficult for artists and other creative types who produce original songs, paintings, photos, movies,… READ MORE>

Last year, associations saw a 25-50% to drop in conference attendance. Surveys show the outlook for this year isn’t much… READ MORE>

Let’s leave behind the nightmares of low conference attendance in 2009, and embrace the hopefulness of 2010. I think we… READ MORE>

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A Field Guide to the Millennials. They first heard your name briefly mentioned in one of their college classes as… READ MORE>