Would you like to increase your membership this year?

Do you need to boost attendance at your conferences and events?

Do you want to fuel engagement with your products and programs?

Rottman Creative is a small group of passionate people driven to help associations thrive. We’re digital junkies, font nerds, design gurus, and marketing experts. With 20+ years in the business, we combine our old school sensibilities with today’s digital tools to find your people and move them to act.

We attract, retain, and engage a younger membership.

We help member-driven organizations with:

Member acquisition and retention
Broken value proposition
Lost event revenue
New product launches
Online positioning


Holistic digital marketing
Marketing strategy
Email automation
Creative services


Exceeding membership and event goals

Now is the time to be bold, fix what’s broken, and overcome challenges so your association can thrive. We can help. We use a comprehensive approach to look at your marketing and how it works with your value proposition. We identify opportunities and create a bold plan. To achieve results, we rally people around your cause, start movements, find new prospects, compel new members, and drive engagement.

5-Step Approach

Go-to-Market Plan
Marketing Implementation