Are you struggling to convert prospects to revenue?

Need to increase your association membership retention rate?

Are you tired of event campaign ideas that don’t work?

Member-driven organizations understand they must use digital tools to attract and retain members and increase revenue. But instead of relying on a hodge-podge of ideas, they need responsive, data-driven campaigns based on best practices of brand storytelling.

This is the heart of what we do.

We help associations that are

  • Constantly hustling to attract enough new members.
  • Frustrated by spikes of strong member engagement that don’t convert to revenue. 
  • Trying a host of different member retention strategies with only mild success.
  • Tired of the ups and downs with event attendance and in need of filling the empty seats.
  • Struggling to connect with members because the brand lacks a single, clear voice.

Marketing Audits for Member-Driven Organizations

If you’re like the bulk of our clients, you’re discouraged by marketing plans that fail to get results. Plans flop for many reasons. We can’t help until we get a clear picture of what your marketing looks like. 

By doing a marketing gap analysis, we can discover inconsistencies in messaging and identify places where there’s lag, waste, disconnection, and missed opportunities. From there, we begin to create a plan.

Building Member Retention Strategies and Marketing Plans for Associations

A series of emails, social media posts, videos, giveaways, and virtual events is not a strategy. You need all of these brand assets and initiatives to work together in a coordinated, connected, measurable way. 

We create go-to-market plans that take a holistic view of what your association must do to survive and thrive. This often includes new product launches to replace streams of revenue decimated by Covid and the increasingly short nature of modern attention spans. Along with event marketing, membership acquisition and retention campaigns are the backbone of what we do, because these areas are where associations struggle the most.

“Rottman provides high value service through interactive discussions and weekly communications. With a plan that changes as new information evolves and as our product changes, Rottman adapts and changes to meet our needs.”

Cecelia, C Evans Consulting

Branding, Creative, and Email Automation for Associations

We don’t simply hand you a strategy and walk away. Instead, we implement every part of it, so that all you have to do is hit “go.” 

We populate every branded piece and touchpoint with concise messaging and offer nothing less than brilliant design. But these things should be the bare minimum for any creative agency. Where we shine is that we understand how to follow the story the data tells, and adjust accordingly.

“Rottman helps keeps us focused on making sure plans and ideas are executed and provides much-needed assistance to our small and often overextended team. On our own, we would not be able to complete marketing campaigns that are anywhere near the quality and scope that we get from working with Rottman.”

Penelope, National Association of Manufacturers

Measurement and Reporting for Associations

We constantly analyze how campaigns are performing, and use this real-time data to learn, adapt, and pivot when a campaign isn’t hitting its target. Unlike some agencies, we’re not a black box. We meet weekly with clients to touch base and review the numbers.

We also do quarterly reporting for clients, so that we can make data-driven decisions when advising on the types of campaigns and product launches they should invest in going forward. Not all months and years are created equal, which is why associations need constant visibility into which types of messages and stories are most effective for converting people to members and attendees.