7 Signs It’s Time to Work With Rottman Creative

Wondering if your association could benefit from partnering with an agency that knows how to blend the science of conversion with the art of storytelling?

1. You built it, but they’re not coming.

Sure, you’re getting the same group of members to show up at your events, but those prospects that seemed so promising? They just aren’t turning out. You see the writing on the wall, and you’ve got to start converting prospects in a hurry.

2. Non-dues revenue is non-existent.

You suspect what you really need is a fantastic product to supplement membership dues. But who has time to come up with a killer product, let alone create a savvy go-to-market strategy? You need a partner who can create a plan that works.

3. You’re stuck in the past, but trying to get back to the future.

You know you shouldn’t rely on the marketing strategy from a few years ago (let alone decades ago)! But it can be so difficult to keep up with new, responsive technologies and ways to reach prospects and track their behaviors. You want to modernize your marketing for 2023 and beyond, but you feel stuck in the day-to-day of putting out fires. 

4. The renewal struggle is real.

Despite your hustling, you can’t get your renewal numbers where they need to be. You need fresh ideas for membership campaigns—especially ones that recruit the hard-to-hook small and medium organizations. And then you need someone to help you turn those ideas into data-driven campaigns that actually work.

5. The Great Resignation has left you greatly taxed.

Like so many other organizations, you’re short-staffed and need help. There’s simply not enough bandwidth right now to create, execute, and track responsive marketing campaigns all on your own. You could really use another brain.

6. You’re putting all your eggs into the email basket.

Your campaigns? Email-based. Your strategy to reaching prospects? Email. Your plan for converting prospects to customers? Email. Your answer to everything? Email. Email is wonderful, until it isn’t, and it’s most certainly not a comprehensive association marketing strategy.

7. One word: Stale.

As in, that’s what everything you’re doing feels like. It’s like clockwork. You’re using the same plan, just with updated milestones. Once upon a time, you may have had a great brand story that converted. But now? Performance is lackluster and you need an injection of energy and new strategy. 

Ready to Transform Your Association’s Future? Let’s Dive In!

If you found yourself nodding along to the signs above, it’s clear your association is at a crucial crossroads. Now is the moment to break free from stagnant routines and reignite the spark in your marketing strategy.

At Rottman Creative, we’re not just experts; we’re partners in your journey to success. Picture this: a collaborative alliance where creativity meets strategy, and innovation merges with results. It’s time to shatter the status quo and embrace a future where your association not only survives but thrives.

Let’s chat about your unique challenges, dreams, and aspirations. Together, we’ll craft a tailored plan that not only addresses your current woes but propels your association into a vibrant, dynamic future. Your association’s success story is waiting to be written – let’s start the next chapter together. Click below to schedule a conversation and let the transformation begin.