The Lone Marketer vs Evil Dr. Void and the Empty Chair Gang

The Lone Marketer vs Evil Dr. Void and the Empty Chair Gang

If you’re starting to plan your next annual conference, we have a story you really need to hear. It’s about a marketing director just like you—a guy working for an association in Anywhere Town, USA. He saw from the very beginning that events like the ones he was helping market had the power to change people’s lives.

But when recession hit and new technology gave rise to more virtual events, that idea started to get lost—along with any hope of inspiring people. As a result, a small rogue band of Empty Chairs—led by the Evil Dr. Void—started organizing themselves. As the Empty Chairs Gang started mounting more and more attacks, our marketing director watched budgets shrink and attendance numbers nosedive. There were meetings (and more meetings), spreadsheets, and new logos: but none of it was enough to keep Evil Dr. Void and the Empty Chairs Gang from ruthlessly devouring more space on convention center floors. Hopes were dashed, and mediocrity became the new status quo.

But he had figured out a secret.

He learned Dr. Void’s Achilles’ heel:
purpose-driven design that inspires.

When his bosses wouldn’t listen, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He left his cubicle behind and assumed the role of The Lone Marketer. Now, he travels the country, saving organizations everywhere from doom. He always carries with him his arsenal of marketing weapons—all built from 100 percent pure inspiration. You and our hero have a lot in common. Follow his adventures on our blog. And if you are ready to start making those marketing weapons work for you, give me a call at 301-753-4226.

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