Idea 6 of 6 for Improving Your Email Open Rates

Idea 6 of 6 for Improving Your Email Open Rates

6. Inspire confidence in your members that they can anticipate something better than the ordinary.

People will open your emails if they know they are good.

No matter what the data says about which day of the week or what time to send, if you craft really, really great emails, people will open them. If they know they can expect exciting offers and creative storytelling, they will open them.

Email marketing is one of your best tools for telling the story of your conference.

But you have to use it the right way. Otherwise, it will get eaten alive by the forgettability bug. But don’t panic yet—the antidote is readily available: Send better emails. Starting now.

We hope you find these tips inspiring for your next conference, and until next time keep a look out for clue #30!

The Lone Marketer

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