7 Reasons You Need an Infographic


Drive Attendance at your Next Event with a Visually Compelling Fact Sheet

1. Data is intimidating.

Data alone won’t fill seats at your event. You need to create a story around your data so members can easily grasp it and act upon it.

2. Most people are visual learners.

Research suggests that color visuals increase willingness to read by 80%. Visuals also boost retention and are more persuasive than words alone.

3. Simple is better than complex.

Engage your audience instantly by breaking complex facts and figures into bite-sized nuggets of information. Members can always ask for additional details if they want to learn more.

4. Time is limited.

Not only do people have the approximate attention span of a goldfish, but they’re constantly bombarded with marketing messages. You need to get your point across quickly, before your audience moves on to something else.

5. Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Continuing the conversation on neuroscience marketing, it’s wise to at least consider how the brain processes stories vs. information, visuals vs. text, etc. Adding a compelling visual piece to your marketing mix might be just what you need to get and hold the attention of your members.

6. People are looking for infographics.

Between 2010 and 2012, search volume for “infographic” increased 800% on Google. The format has gained so much popularity in recent years, you’ll find dozens of infographics about the effectiveness of infographics.

7. Increase traffic.

Visuals are inherently more shareable than reports, brochures, or direct mail pieces. Produce a great infographic and your members won’t be able to resist sharing it with friends and colleagues.

An infographic is a lovely compromise that delivers hard facts in a user-friendly visual format. Data is a good start when it comes to assembling an infographic for your event. Attendance numbers, retention rates, and numbers from feedback surveys can make for good infographics. But adding quirky details, like how many gallons of coffee were consumed at your event, can add a human element that resonates with your membership.

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