How to Close the Circuit and Illuminate Your Base

How to Close the Circuit and Illuminate Your Base

We’ve talked about the endless loop of connectivity and inspiration that draws members to your organization and fuels your life-changing work. The loop is a little bit like an electrical circuit. For example, you must have a closed loop to illuminate a light bulb using electricity. No loop, no connectivity, no illumination.

Your organization also needs a closed loop to function. You need energy and connectivity to fuel illumination and inspiration—to power your work and continue to attract members. Your goal is to get members and prospects to say “Keep me in the loop” about your events, certifications, and products.

5000 Marketing Messages

Once people are in your loop, they’re receptive to what you have to say. Outside the loop, however, you’re competing with the “noise” of other marketing messages—some from competing organizations with similar offerings. Estimates vary, but research suggests we’re bombarded with as many as 5,000 marketing messages a day. That’s a lot of noise!

In order to be heard over all this noise, many organizations resort to shouting—using e-blasts, keyword stuffing, spray-and -pray direct mail, or other bullhorn tactics. They shout about networking, education, and certification using facts and figures. But these same organizations are often disappointed by low event turnout and declining membership numbers.

How do you Change Lives?

Once your members are in the loop you can share facts, figures, and details. But first you have to connect and inspire them by demonstrating the value of your organization and the benefits of membership. Networking, education, and certification aren’t benefits, they’re features. They’re your product. What you need is inspiration. What will your product DO for your members? How are their lives better because they’re a part of your organization? How will your certifications advance their careers, improve their businesses, and help them change more lives?

You Need Storytelling

We know the best way to accomplish a closed loop is through storytelling that connects and inspires. While very recent research is illuminating a lot of cutting-edge science about the human brain, our hardwired need to connect is as old as humankind. Best of all it never changes. Human beings are itching to connect, to belong, to be inspired. They’re looking for your organization even if they don’t know it yet. Your job is to let them know you exist and inspire them with stories that engage their brains.

First get people in your loop. Light them up. Then worry about facts.

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