A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty
As we were going through the process of reinventing our online image, I came across a cool design story about John Mayer’s latest album cover.

Mayer wanted to do something unique and compelling for his album artwork that truly represented his music, his passion, and his personality. He called upon a traditional turn-of-the-century sign painter in the U.K. to help him out. The two collaborated via web chat to make Mayer’s vision come to life—first in glass and gold foil, then in digital design. The resulting album cover is a stunning blend of tradition and technology that compels people to pick it up, admire it, explore, learn more, and listen.

Make Something Beautiful

Mayer said something about the process of making the cover that really resonated with us: “In this world we live in where everybody is trying to figure out the next strategy for PR, all we did was make something beautiful.”

We set out to create a thing of beauty and quality with the new rottmancreative.com. It was painstakingly crafted to reflect our work and our passions. The creative process was a lesson in authenticity. We knew we had to demonstrate our visual and branding capabilities by making something beautiful, inspiring, and engaging of our own. But we also knew we had to match that beauty with quality content that mattered to our audience.

Photo Storytelling

The backbone of our new site is the photography. You will see not only the actual pieces of collateral we completed for our clients; you’ll see them juxtaposed with interesting colors and textures in real-world settings. The images complement our content and help to showcase our work and tell our brand story. But on a very basic level, they’re just plain beautiful and they compel you to linger on our site.

As technology changes, all of us adapt our stories to fit new formats. But human nature never changes. Beautiful things will always compel people.

We hope the new rottmancreative.com will pull you in, inspire you, and encourage you to take your time and explore.

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