8 Steps to Create Stronger Emails

8 Steps to Create Stronger Emails

How many emails do you get every day? Most professionals get more than 200 emails a day. Sure, it raises the odds of the email being opened when it comes from a trusted source (like your association), but it doesn’t buy you that much in the end. Maybe an extra second.

If only a small fraction of your people click through the email, your marketing breaks down around the very first stage of the buying cycle:
  • Informing the unaware.
  • Unaware people aren’t inspired.
  • Unaware and uninspired people

Below are the 8 steps to create stronger emails:

  1. Create a story around networking, and lead with it in your content, since the majority of attendees come there for networking.
  2. Spam-proof your subject lines, while still keeping them engaging and interesting.
  3. If you do top 10 or top 5 lists, keeping NEC in mind: that’s networking, education, and certification. Any list of reasons to attend has to touch all three areas.
  4. Remember that branding matters. Your event will be judged by its marketing, including the emails. That means creating branded, well-thought out emails with a recognizable look and feel. To be clear: a bunch of words on the page is a bunch of words on the page; it’s not a look and feel.
  5. Include calls to action, but not too many (a confused brain shuts down). Include no more than three action steps in your email.
  6. Consider the time of day your email gets delivered. Stay away from Mondays and Fridays, and choose either
  7. 10 a.m., noon, or 4 p.m., based on what you know of your membership base.
  8. Consider using testimonials. Someone else touting the benefits of attending is more powerful than you touting them.
  9. Remember that venue alone does not inspire. Ditch the cityscape photos and think a little more strategically about images and your brand.

The ninth step is to stop relying on email alone.
In fact, to stop relying on any one thing to do everything you need.

We hope you find these tips inspiring for your next conference, and until next time keep a look out for clue #4!

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