Using Negative Feedback to Express Your Brand in a Positive Way

Using Negative Feedback to Express Your Brand in a Positive Way

In our recent edition of WhiteSpace we cover how an organization’s strategic plan, brand and conference must connect with each other. Part of that process involves implementing what is learned in post-conference surveys into the strategic plan and branding.

However, we know many associations freak out at the thought of receiving negative feedback. But, addressing negative feedback can be a positive way to express your brand (who you are and what you stand for).

If there are issues within the organization, take a page out of Domino’s book. When faced with negative feedback, the President of the company addressed the comments head on. In YouTube videos and TV commercials the President tells consumers how Domino’s is listening to what they have to say and how they are going to make a change.

Its quite uncommon in the association world, where everyone tries to hide the dirt under the rug, to see this kind of transparency. They think that by keeping negative comments close and internal members won’t talk about it. But, members are already talking about those issues and communication like this can make members feel like….well, members, instead of random consumers.

To gather feedback from members about the conference and association, but to never address it is very disrespectful to them. And, it’s only a matter of time before they realize they are not being heard, which will cause them to lose trust in you and decrease your credibility.

Stop worrying about what members might be saying and instead practice honesty and courage in addressing whatever feedback you receive from them.

That is what will drive retention and conference attendance.

Curious how Domino’s handled the disgruntled customer in their recent commercial?

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