Handy LinkedIn Apps

Handy LinkedIn Apps

We’ve been doing a little construction on our LinkedIn profiles. Most of the grunt work has been to install apps that allow us to share various types of content on our profiles.

A complaint we often hear about Web 2.0 tools and social media is that few people have the time to post here, there and everywhere. That’s why we like apps like the WordPress app on LinkedIn and how it automatically updates by pulling our blog posts into our profile. No added posting or clicking needed from us.

Thanks to the Behance app, we are able to display our creative work on our profile – giving users a taste of our work without asking them to leave LinkedIn. It’s free to use, easy to manage and has great options for sharing images, photos or video.

Recently Gary gave a presentation about conference marketing and Web 2.0. The SlideShare app allows us to post the presentation slides on our profile. Nothing like putting slides up on LinkedIn to encourage attendees to seek you out and connect.

If we’re not already connected, check out Gary’s profile on LinkedIn and see how we’re using these apps and others.

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