4 Ways to Improve the Timing in Your Marketing Plans

4 Ways to Improve the Timing in Your Marketing Plans

We never get tired of the way Apple introduces new products. They manage to build excitement for the same product, such as the iPhone, over and over again. What they actually change about the product is not the point (because it’s usually not much). It’s how they meter out the marketing, managing to build excitement and hoopla around release dates.

You can do the same thing.

It’s about building your WHY—your source of inspiration—through slices and teases.

Create a rallying cry around a date when something is announced: build it, offer it, and make it limited (going, going . . . gone!). Create both interest and urgency. Give people a reason to keep reading, to click through, to retweet, and ultimately, to register. Generate excitement over time—using a balance of marketing modes.

Here are 4 touchpoints that the timing in your marketing plans must address:
  1. Money-driven stuff: early bird rates, hotel prices that go up after a certain day, and travel rates that increase the longer you wait.
  2. Education stuff: paid workshops with cut-off dates, and sessions with limited seating.
  3. Networking stuff: dinners, lunches, parties, outings, and other special events, paid or unpaid, with cut-off dates.
  4. Certification: sessions with limited seating and/or limited time to react.

We hope you find these tips inspiring for your next conference, and until next time keep a look out for clue #6!

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