The Perfect Subject Line?

The Perfect Subject Line?

Today, e-mail is the main form of communication. With hundreds of e-mails flooding your account daily, how do you distinguish which ones to click on? Is it the one that has a subject line of “Association- Early Bird Savings- Register Now!” or is it a more reserved subject line of “Network with us… OR Our Association’s Monthly Newsletter.” That has a much less open rate than the latter. So, now you’re probably thinking how can I improve my subject lines?

Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Is it short, sweet and to the point?
  • Does the subject line correspond to what the e-mail entails?
  • Is it unique? Is this something that is going to grab the viewer’s attention?
  • It is personalized? Does it connect to your audience?

As you begin to piece together key components and important phrases to create that perfect subject line, don’t forget to think about all the resources that the World Wide Web offers. For those of you who are mobile chic, try downloading an app called ‘Subject Line’. Other resources include, but are not limited to:

These websites are helpful learning tools that allow you to test your own subject lines with the click of a button! Based on qualitative and quantitative data, these resources will give you pointers of how to:

  • Break through the barrier of SPAM
  • Maximize your audience to your fullest potential
  • Build a connection with the reader

Your tested subject line is rated based on the above pointers. It is broken down into sections and given a green, yellow and red rating.

The more green boxes you have, the better chances you have of getting through SPAM, whereas the more red boxes you have, and the likelihood is greater that you will be considered SPAM.

As you’re processing all this information, keep in mind that e-mails take seconds to send out to people, but there are ways to make yours different from the rest. The stronger your subject line is, the greater the open rate will be, allowing your content to be viewed by a larger audience.

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