Does Your Brand Move People to Action?

Does Your Brand Move People to Action?

A quick search in Merriam-Webster’s will tell us that the word “move,” can refer to both an emotional sensation and a physical action. We might say “his kind gesture moved me to tears” or “I moved from New York to Santa Fe.”

Interestingly, a truly “moving” emotional experience can also provide a literal sense of transport—a feeling that we have been physically taken from one place to another. We use phrases like “flying high,” “shaken up,” “rocked,” or having “the earth fall out from under us” to describe this sensation. The word “rapture” is both an expression of ecstasy and a mystical physical experience.

Your goal as an association and a marketer is to move people—physically and emotionally—in such a deep, meaningful way that they are inspired to take action because they just can’t help themselves.

You Must Change Your Life

In 1908 Ranier Maria Rilke famously penned the line “You must change your life” at the end of his poem Archaic Torso of Apollo. The poem is about a sculpture—a fragment of a sculpture, actually—whose form and its imperfect, damaged state deeply moved Rilke to the point where he felt shaken to the core. The idea here is that art can move us to such a degree that we are simply unable to remain the same after viewing it.

Inspire Your Base

How can you move other humans? With truly inspirational, purposeful art and design and their manifestations in your brand, your marketing, and your events. You are in the business of changing lives. Does the outward representation of your brand truly reflect who you are in a way that moves and changes people?

To continue our discussion on vulnerability (LINK to Achilles heel post) and human connectivity (LINK to tribe post), it’s worth noting that Rilke was so moved by a human form—and an imperfect one at that! Is your brand story real, raw, and authentic? Are you vulnerable and open to possibilities? Imagine Rilke’s archaic torso—old, headless, and damaged. These qualities are what made it remarkable.

Dig Deep

Moving people doesn’t come from using the latest trends, tips, and technology. Although such tools will help you convey your message. Truly moving people starts by digging deep and getting to know them at their core. What keeps your audience up at night? What resources do they need that they’re not getting? What are their goals? It also means revealing plenty about yourself, your brand, and your struggles and goals.

Archeologists find evidence of art nearly as old as humankind. Even ancient primitive nomads expressed themselves with paintings, decorated cookware, and personal ornamentation. Art connects us to one another today, and it links us to all humans ever. That’s powerful stuff. And you can harness it to inspire your base to action.

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