6 steps to Inspiring your base to act.

Step 4 of 6: Develop your voice

Step 4 of 6: Develop your voice

People don’t know that you’re talking to them if you don’t actually talk to them.

And the way your people recognize that you’re talking to them is through voice.

If your logo or conference brandmark is your visual signature, your voice is your verbal signature—and without it, there is no compelling reason to listen to your message, to take action, or to share it with others.

We see far too many voiceless marketing campaigns: generic information, lacking context, personality, or specificity.

A strong brand voice demands attention. It creates instant recognition, and—most importantly—inspires your people by talking authentically and directly to them about the stuff they care about. The visual and the voice—your graphics and your copy—have to work together. They have to both come from the same place of inspiration, and archetype-driven messaging.

Nothing about how you communicate to your members should be haphazard. That included what you offer them.

We hope you find these tips inspiring for your next conference, and until next time keep a look out for clue #10!

The Lone Marketer

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