Archetype Based Branding:

The Patriarch

The Patriarch


The Language of Protection and Duty
One last example is from work we are currently in the middle of, so we can’t give as many details.

It’s an association from the world of commercial building and architecture, and the members are mostly owners of or management level within small companies that handle very specialized product distribution. In our many discovery conversations and research, we came to understand that their distributor base fits the Patriarch archetype. They are leaders who feel an inherited responsibility to protect others. They make others feel safe and inspire respect, and they understand that this is what makes them good at their job.

Wrapping the voice in the Patriarch archetype will help this association validate to their members that the day-to-day of decision-making to preserve the order matters.

That being better at their job makes the whole industry better. It helps us strike the right balance in the voice, and understand what kind of emotions and ideas we need to tap into when we design and write the emails. From pictures to pull-quotes, archetypes help inform the look, feel, and tone of every piece of communication.

We hope you find these tips inspiring for your next conference, and until next time keep a look out for clue #41!

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