Idea 4 of 6 for Improving Your Email Content

Idea 4 of 6 for Improving Your Email Content

4. Build unique offers into the campaign.

Offers include things like Early Bird specials, webinars, hotel discounts, giveaways (from iPads to free hotel stays), ebooks, and other special promotional things.

And definitely use videos to entice people to click on your offers. Videos should be short (one or two minutes, tops). You can take two approaches: motion-graphic based videos (highly graphic and fun), or testimonial videos (where members or speakers talk about the benefits of the conference).

Videos not only break up text-heavy emails, people also love to watch and share them.

As for how to present your offers: craft at least one specific email for each offer, and then keep them in front of your members for the duration of the offer using graphic icons in the sidebar.

We hope you find these tips inspiring for your next conference, and until next time keep a look out for clue #22!

The Lone Marketer

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