Are you in the Loop?

Are you in the Loop?

Inspiration and connection move in a noiseless, effortless, infinite loop.

People want to be inspired to connect. They connect to feel inspired. Again and Again, one desire chases the other.

Inside the loop, people put down their phones. They are present in the moment. They yield to their hardwiring for connection. They let inspiration direct them.

Inside the loop, they can hear.

Too many organizations operate OUTSIDE the loop. Where it’s loud. And crowded. And difficult. They try over and over to find their way in. They tap and hammer and e-blast with messages swimming in logic. They get a toe in, spin around in their analytics, and fall back out.

The problem is that they’re missing the access point.

We’ve spent our share of time outside the loop. Leaning on numbers and facts and bullet points. This webinar and that expert. This industry report and that status quo. We’ve circled around and over and through and found the access point. It’s so simple, but yet, so easy to miss in the disconnected haze outside the loop.

You invite people into the loop of connection and inspiration through human storytelling—person to person to person.

Effective storytelling finds people in their emotional centers. Their limbic brains. Where memories live. Where neuroscientists say the majority of decisions are actually made.

Everything else is important, but secondary. Without the ability to tell great stories, you won’t get there. And you should be there. Because inside the loop, people and organizations are the best versions of themselves.

Inside the loop, you can fulfill your organization’s core mission. Which, one way or another, is always about CHANGING LIVES.


It’s not a human concept at all. It’s beyond what we can even imagine. But that feedback loop? Th at’s 100 percent human. We’d love to meet you there.
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