The Importance of Event Design

The Importance of Event Design

Let’s face it; design matters. Marty Neumeier, the Director of Transformation for Liquid Agency states that “the most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box” which is what Michaela O’Connor Abrams emphasizes in her speech at the 2013 Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum. In years past, events typically followed the standard norm; a big show room filled with vendors that had attendees walking up and down the rows. How is this appealing to your audience? How does your event stand out from others? To put it simply, it doesn’t. In the article, “Why Event Design Matters” the author sums up why design is a critical aspect in making your attendee’s overall experience worthwhile.

Imagine walking down the street and stopping into a restaurant or store you’ve never been to before. The atmosphere is your first impression; despite the products you have or the food you serve, people aren’t going to embrace it if they aren’t impressed by the overall character of your place. Take this into consideration when planning an event for your association. Every little detail matters!

The first steps of event planning begin with marketing (i.e. social media and direct mail) then bringing your event to life which includes the atmosphere, the entertainment, the food, the venue; the impression you make on your attendee is valuable.

Where do you think your first impression is made? Your marketing. You need to design a strategies that will help engage members and prospects so that they will be inspired to act. Your customized strategy will need to include comprehensive plans for email marketing, direct mail marketing, and social media marketing. Your marketing pieces should contain innovative design and strong story-based copywriting.

So, when you sit down to plan your next event, remember to think about your attendees and the design that is going to make your event noteworthy.

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