The Conference Logo: Five Key Elements to Portray

Let’s not dance around it. The challenges we currently face have left most feeling one pinch too many, and will affect every next decision we make. We begin to reconsider what we buy, where we go, how we plan, and it’s not going to be easy to avoid it.

The recent economic events have obligated organizations to be more strategic, flexible, and responsive than ever before. As we all begin to reevaluate our responsibilities, budget our expenses and question our investments, you ask—how could this impact our organization’s next conference? How will the current economic situation affect the turnout of attendees? With all things considered, your organization’s next conference must achieve an energy that will still capture that hesitant crowd, and give value to your event that is worthy.

Many conferences are planned with too much effort placed on featuring the conference’s location; putting great emphasis on promoting the appeal of comfortable amenities over the true value of the conference. Don’t be mistaken—the upscale venue, landmarks and nightlife attractions of a major city make for an alluring location and persuasive experience. But when the conference is over and the planes take off, the goal is for your attendee to be left inspired and energized by the value of the conference experience.

A conference should have a successful interaction and connection with its participants.

In order for this to happen, a fastidious conference logo is one of your best tools to visually portray the overall value of your event and target the emotions of the audience. The logo may seem insignificant in comparison to the planning efforts for such a significant event. Yet, it can’t be emphasized enough—the logo has to be distinctive, engaging and memorable. Your message, design, and imagery should communicate the purpose of the conference and what participants can extract from the experience. A conference logo is the chance to visually articulate motivation and enthusiasm, while strengthening the connection between your organization and the participants.

While considering the direction of the conference logo, remember that it’s a time for you to inspire and compel interest. The logo will be the mental picture; it should include unparalleled identifiable uniqueness. Your conference logo will also be defining the tone of the conference–it should incorporate the intended message of the conference within its design. Lastly, date and location are the two conference facts that should always be included in the logo. Merging these five elements into the logo ensures your conference will be a noteworthy and valued experience for all participants.

In review, the five key elements a logo should portray:
Pertinent facts
  • Pertinent facts
  • A tone or theme
  • An identifiable uniqueness
  • A connective-ness with the participants
  • Overall value

Times may not be so optimal, but your strategy can. The more meaning and strength incorporated into the conference, the more valuable and powerful your relationships become. Make your organization unforgettable and assuring at a time of uncertainty. In doing so, your organization will hold a defined value in a truly dynamic world.

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