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National Alliance on Mental Illness


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Digital Marketing Using Storytelling

Ending the Silence

The National Alliance on Mental Illness works to end the stigma surrounding mental health conditions. As part of this mission, NAMI created Ending the Silence, a program in which young people share their mental health stories with other youth. NAMI asked us to help find a steady supply of presenters for the program.

We reached out to past presenters to see if they would be willing to share their stories on social media. This involved crafting a brief questionnaire and testing it on Facebook and Snapchat. Once we developed the stories, we came up with a series of five different taglines to use throughout the campaign to drive home the point of ending the silence and stigma of mental health.

Our marketing plan included specific campaign goals and key performance indicators. We segmented the audience by age for more precise targeting. After setting up conversion tracking, we launched social ads, landing pages, and videos. Any interested people received a nurture campaign of three emails. Our efforts generated 500 leads, exceeding NAMI’s goal of 150.

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