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Digital Prospecting & Marketing

As part of its mission to be a one-stop shop for manufacturers in the U.S., the National Association of Manufacturers launched a series of products designed to save members and prospects time and money. Each product centers around a specific need—energy, tax incentives, cybersecurity, health care, and more.

To find more prospects for these products, we first developed six personas to represent key audience segments. Next, we developed a cohesive brand with a unified voice and look. We also created a biweekly newsletter, which we promoted through paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and web retargeting. Anyone who subscribed received an email drip campaign to guide them through the customer journey. Additional high-value content included infographics, videos, curated member stories, and microsites.

Despite the challenges of 2020, engagement with all products was high. Clickthrough rates were well above industry standards, 6%-11% compared to the 2.18% industry average. Emails about health care and cybersecurity saw open rates of 95% and 28% respectively. 

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