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Digital Prospecting

As part of its mission to be a one-stop shop for manufacturers in the U.S., the National Association of Manufacturers launched a series of products designed to save members and prospects time and money. Each product centered around a specific need—energy; environmental, health, and safety compliance; and site selection and incentives.

To find more prospects for these products, we first developed six personas to represent key audience segments (ex: CEOs, owners, safety managers, operators, and more). The personas offered details on audience pain points, goals, use of technology, personality, and education level. We used these details to help us focus our efforts on what mattered most to the target audience.

Next, we developed a cohesive brand with a unified voice and look. We also created a biweekly newsletter, which we promoted through paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and web retargeting. Anyone who subscribed received an email drip campaign to guide them through the customer journey. Additional high-value content included infographics, videos, and microsites. For the energy program alone, we achieved a 1688% increase in total revenues and a 57% increase in member involvement.

Meet Ken

Digital Marketing

The National Association of Manufacturers works for the success of the more than 12 million men and women who make things in America. To better serve their members and drive non-dues revenues, the NAM launched a new database product, Manufacturers Marketplace. They asked us to help to raise awareness and drive engagement with the product.

To ensure our efforts would resonate with the target audience, we developed six personas outlining the pain points, goals, and background information of key segments (ex: CEOs, owners, safety managers, operators, and more). We determined that Ken, the CEO, was most likely to be interested in Manufacturers Marketplace.

Guided by Ken’s persona, we used a comprehensive approach to digital marketing that included graphic design, paid ads on Facebook and LinkedIn, automated email drip campaigns, and the creation of infographics and videos. As a result, leads for Manufacturers Marketplace increased by 600% and traffic to the product’s webpage doubled.

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