The Middle School Locker

The Middle School Locker

This all-visual platform is a great chance to connect to your members’ and supporters’ aspirations and interests. Pinterest is less about your brand, and more about creating a vision board around what your organization is about.

It’s a chance to have fun (yes, fun is allowed). For example, perhaps you know that a lot of networking at your event happens on the coffee breaks in between sessions.

You might create an entire board around the idea of “coffee breaks”: beautiful images of coffee, interesting quotes about coffee, strange collections of coffee cups . . . you get the idea.

Pinterest is all about the re-pin (which keeps original image links in tact).

This means you don’t need to necessarily spend a lot of time creating your own images. Just make sure to tag your images with interesting and relevant hashtags. And, like Twitter, offer your take on the image and provide context.

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