Manufacturing Leadership Council


Project description

Comprehensive Event Marketing

Lots of associations have awards, and most people are tired of hearing about them. To help the Manufacturing Leadership Council increase nominations for their Manufacturing Leadership Awards, we needed a fresh approach.

First, we conducted background research on the value of awards programs in general. We used the insights gained to craft a marketing strategy based on why awards matter and how the winners benefit. To differentiate these awards from others, we developed a new logo and a cohesive look and feel for the campaign. We also created the catchphrase “Competition drives innovation” because the Manufacturing Leadership Awards recognize innovations in manufacturing.

To encourage the target audience of manufacturing executives to nominate for an award, our efforts highlighted the tangible benefits of winning, such as improved employee engagement, further innovations for products and processes, and increased competitiveness. The campaign is currently in progress and includes a combination of email automation, organic and paid social media posts, web ads, and a marketing toolkit for state manufacturing associations.

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