Ready to connect and inspire? Take the Engagement Assessment and the Pain Point Assessment.


Are you engaging your members and prospects?

Perhaps a better question is: How much are you engaging members and prospects? Enough to build sustainability for your organization? 

We’ve developed an Engagement Assessment for member organizations that regularly hold member events. Using targeted questions, gleaned from years of experience and sorting through the research on the elements of inspiration, high quality connections, and brand loyalty, this assessment will help you locate your association on the Engagement Scale.

Once you place yourself on the Engagement Scale, you can better judge which areas of your marketing you most need to strengthen. No matter where you’re starting, we have resources to guide you through the process of channeling inspiration and harnessing its power for better member engagement, more excitement around your event, and stronger membership acquisition and retention. Ready to take the Engagement Assessment?

What keeps you up a night? What are your challenges?

When it comes to attendance marketing, you’re probably feeling some pain. Take this brief assessment to help us find out what stings so we can bring some relief. Ready to take the Assessment?

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